Planning a baby shower is an exciting and blissful experience. One crucial decision is choosing a perfect venue for this special occasion.

Selecting the right baby shower event venue sets the tone of the day. It provides a comfortable environment and ensures a memorable experience for the would-be parents and guests. 

As one of the leading providers of party venues in Purley, we will discuss the pointers to keep in mind while choosing a perfect place to hold a baby shower. 

The Tips to Consider While Choosing a Party Venue for Your Baby Shower


When choosing a party venue, especially for a baby shower, location is one of the major factors to consider. It is always best to choose a location that is easy to access for the majority of the guests. If more than half of the invited guests have to travel a long distance to attend the event, they may ignore the invitation. 

You can make your guests comfortable by considering the venue’s proximity to major roads. You also need to confirm that the venue has enough parking.


The surrounding décor can either make or break the baby shower atmosphere. To ensure that the event is filled with happy feelings and good vibrations, you need to choose a venue with a great surrounding. It should boast lush greenery, scenic views, and elegant indoor space. The place should also have an attractive backdrop that adds ambience and enhances the overall experience of the event. 


It is always good to have an estimated budget before you organise the event. Determine the overall rental cost of each venue available in your area. Discuss the budget with the event specialists to make sure which place best suits your desired financial parameters. Check whether the venue you are choosing provides all the amenities you need for the baby shower.


Choosing the in-house catering service over hiring a vendor from outside is always better. It is better to pick a venue with an in-house catering service or a partnership with a trusted local caterer serving lip-smacking dishes. Nowadays, most venues offer in-house catering with many menu options tailored to your choice and budget. 

These points will help you to pick a baby shower venue. The Oaks Golf is a leading name that comes to mind when choosing a perfect baby shower venue in Purley. The function suite is the right space for hosting any celebration, and it can accommodate around 130 people for a buffet and 80 people for a sit-down meal. To book a viewing or inquire further, call 0208 722 0238 or fill out our Contact Form.

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