The Importance of Venue Visit in Case of Event Planning

Are you planning a corporate event? The attention to detail is what can make or break an event. An extremely important aspect you need to consider is the importance of visiting potential venues first-hand and then deciding what venue can work out the best. Hence, before you look for halls to hire in Carshalton, you need to know how to make a venue assessment. Here, you can find some pointers to make the venue assessment in the right way. 

Three ways to make the right assessment of the venue space

Here, we have highlighted three ways to make the right assessment of a venue. There is no better alternative to grasp the physical layout of a venue than to visit it first-hand. Here is how to go about it most thoroughly.


You need to ensure that the chosen venue can offer adequate facilities and amenities. These are essential for a successful gathering. A venue should have adequate tech capabilities, catering facilities and other amenities. 

A good corporate event oftentimes hinges on the availability of cutting-edge technical equipment. This is something you need to verify first-hand. You need to ensure they have audio-visual equipment, a lighting system, and top-notch Wi-Fi connectivity. This is to ensure that the venue can support presentations, video conferencing, and other tech-dependent activities without a hitch. The availability of all these technologies ensures a smooth and professional event experience.

Catering and other amenities

The catering and other additional services can greatly influence the overall quality of the event. When you visit a venue, you can talk about the specifics in detail with the venue staff. This includes menu selection, seating arrangements, and other amenities that meet your requirements. 

Having a deeper understanding of the atmosphere of the venue

Selecting a venue with the right atmosphere is crucially important for setting the tone for the entire event. Does the venue align with the desired tone of the corporate event? Does it have a sleek design? Or is it formal, casual or otherwise? Another thing you need to consider is the opportunity for branding and advertising. During a venue visit, you can identify the potential areas for branding. You would know where to put the signage, banners and digital display. 

Are you looking for halls to hire in Carshalton for a corporate event? The Oaks Golf has many tech amenities, including delicious catering and ample spaces for branding and advertising. Contact us today to spruce up your event.

How Can You Choose A Party Venue For A Baby Shower?

Planning a baby shower is an exciting and blissful experience. One crucial decision is choosing a perfect venue for this special occasion.

Selecting the right baby shower event venue sets the tone of the day. It provides a comfortable environment and ensures a memorable experience for the would-be parents and guests. 

As one of the leading providers of party venues in Purley, we will discuss the pointers to keep in mind while choosing a perfect place to hold a baby shower. 

The Tips to Consider While Choosing a Party Venue for Your Baby Shower


When choosing a party venue, especially for a baby shower, location is one of the major factors to consider. It is always best to choose a location that is easy to access for the majority of the guests. If more than half of the invited guests have to travel a long distance to attend the event, they may ignore the invitation. 

You can make your guests comfortable by considering the venue’s proximity to major roads. You also need to confirm that the venue has enough parking.


The surrounding décor can either make or break the baby shower atmosphere. To ensure that the event is filled with happy feelings and good vibrations, you need to choose a venue with a great surrounding. It should boast lush greenery, scenic views, and elegant indoor space. The place should also have an attractive backdrop that adds ambience and enhances the overall experience of the event. 


It is always good to have an estimated budget before you organise the event. Determine the overall rental cost of each venue available in your area. Discuss the budget with the event specialists to make sure which place best suits your desired financial parameters. Check whether the venue you are choosing provides all the amenities you need for the baby shower.


Choosing the in-house catering service over hiring a vendor from outside is always better. It is better to pick a venue with an in-house catering service or a partnership with a trusted local caterer serving lip-smacking dishes. Nowadays, most venues offer in-house catering with many menu options tailored to your choice and budget. 

These points will help you to pick a baby shower venue. The Oaks Golf is a leading name that comes to mind when choosing a perfect baby shower venue in Purley. The function suite is the right space for hosting any celebration, and it can accommodate around 130 people for a buffet and 80 people for a sit-down meal. To book a viewing or inquire further, call 0208 722 0238 or fill out our Contact Form.

Common Events for Which You Need to Hire an Event Hall

Hire the Halls

The success of an event hall or venue depends greatly on the events that it holds. An event hall has all the necessary elements to host a successful social or corporate party. The number of events has been rapidly growing, and we have observed a surge in the demand for event venues.

Choose a Proper Venue for Your Event:

When looking for the right hall to hire in Banstead, you will find a number of options. There is high competition among different party venues to take the top position. These halls provide different features to stand out from the rest and become the first choice for customers.

Events Where You Need to Hire an Event Hall:

Before hiring a venue, you must check for vital features that can fulfil the needs of your specific event. You can opt for venue hire for the top events listed below.

  • Wedding: It is one of the most important events in a person’s life. So, it is crucial to find a venue with all the features to make it most suitable for holding it. Take a look at the interior decor and the vibe of the adjacent area of the spot. This is an important point that determines if it is suitable for your event. You must also consider certain individual preferences to make the right choice.
  • Meeting: Along with social events, you might also need a proper venue to hold corporate events. Holding a large conference is common among different corporate conglomerates. To ensure success, they must hire a large venue that can accommodate all. From the number of chairs to the food and beverage counter, corporates check a number of requirements to find the right kind of venue.
  • Exhibition: Larger venues are sometimes leased out to hold large exhibitions. They provide ample space to establish stalls and stages. It is also suitable for accommodating a larger number of visitors. The organisers of an exhibition need to consider vital factors such as the emergency exit, fire supplies and ventilation. These are important to minimise the risk and hold a successful event.

These are a few common events for which you can hire a venue. It is crucial to check all the vital features of the venue, which you can find at The Oaks. It is a vibrant, modern party venue in Banstead. No matter which event you need the space for, we will ensure a smooth arrangement. For more information, you can visit our website today.

Hiring a Function Hall: What Factors Should You Consider?

Hall to hire

Choosing a function hall for your event is a crucial decision. The event suite plays a significant role in determining the success or failure of any event. Ranging from the event date to catering options and attendees’ experience depends on the location you choose. You will come across lots of halls to hire in Banstead. But you can’t arrive at a random decision. In this case, you need to focus on certain aspects.

How Can You Choose the Right Function Hall for Your Event?

It’s important to select the right hall for your event. If you select the right option, your event will leave an impact on attendees. The correct decision will be worth your time, money, and effort. Below are some of the considerations you should make before hiring a function hall:

  • Cost: It is the foremost aspect you should consider. If the price fits in your budget, you can go ahead. However, if it’s not the case, you have to look for alternatives. Low venue costs will give you the option to spend more on food, beverages, and entertainment. Being flexible with the date is an excellent negotiation option, as particular days of the week cost less.
  • Location: When the location is convenient, you can expect many people to attend the event. If most of the attendees will come from out of town, you can arrange a function suite that is near to their hotels or airports.
  • Services and Amenities: Before choosing a banquet hall for your event, you need to consider its services and amenities. Determine whether the function suite has a kitchen and provides catering services. You must also focus on the number of chairs, tables, and linen available for use. Check whether the event suite has a setup or cleanup crew.
  • Capacity: It is another crucial factor that you can’t afford to miss. Assess the capacity of the event venue. Know whether the venue can accommodate the number of guests. Probe into the room capacity of the venue to receive precise insights.
  • Parking: It’s important for your function suite to have adequate parking space. If the event suite doesn’t come with a parking spot, you should look for parking lots nearby which attendees can use.

The Oaks Golf Media offers high-end function suites for every event. Whether it’s a wedding party or a corporate dinner, we have your back. Our professionals provide personalised service to make your event even more memorable. So, what are you waiting for? Book our halls to hire in Banstead and make the moments count.

Reasons to Opt for Function Room Hire for Your Next Event

Halls to hire

In the process of planning an event, you cannot miss out on booking the venue. It is an essential requirement related to any event’s overall organisation and planning stage. A spacious venue with all the necessary arrangements helps arrange a hassle-free proceeding.

Booking the Venue Beforehand is Essential:

No matter the type of event, it is always helpful to look for the venue first. It would be helpful if you start browsing for your local function rooms in Banstead early on. There is a possibility these may remain booked for other events for a long time. To avoid such a problem, inspecting and hiring the hall beforehand is always advisable.

Why Should You Book a Function Room?

Whether you want a place for a wedding or a birthday, booking party venues in and around Banstead is highly convenient. You can read more about their advantages in the following section.

  • Accommodates More People: There’s nothing painful like reducing your invitation list for the want of space. However, this problem is nearly non-existent when you book a hall or a function room. These are originally designed to host a large number of invitees. Based on the guest count, the organisers can also arrange individual seats for all. Even after placing the seats, you would receive plenty of space for dancing, eating and hosting.
  • No Worries About Catering: Most function halls provide a package where you can book the venue as well as the catering service. Arranging for food can be a stressful experience, especially in a large event. To eliminate this hassle, you can always have a conversation with the organisers. You can arrange for finger foods, buffets or even three-course banquet food by paying some extra fee.
  • Hassle-Free Cleaning: Cleaning up after an event is one of the most dreadful experiences you will ever have. You cannot skip this if you hold the event on your own property. The function venues have dedicated staff who can handle all the mess. As a result, you can enjoy the event fully without worrying about spilled drinks or dusty floors.

Booking a dedicated venue for functions is always more effective and convenient. All you need is to communicate with a reliable source like The Oaks. We provide premium halls to hire in Banstead, which is spacious enough to hold all kinds of events. You can choose from our various choices of function suites, which also come with catering options. You can communicate with us today for a fine, hassle-free experience with event venue booking.